An Excerpt From: Whiz Bang
Copyright © Regina Carlysle, 2011
All Rights Reserved
Note: Regina Carlysle’s books are intended for those readers 18 years old or older.

Hannah climbed into bed loving the cool feel of lavender-scented sheets against her skin. The room was semi-dark and now only spinning slightly but finally she sat up and dragged the Toys 4 Us sack closer. Reaching inside to explore the stash, she pulled out one of the assorted vibrators, this one a neon purple with glittery stuff sparkling everywhere. Nope, the damn thing didn’t at all resemble a real cock, but in the dark, who really cared? Hannah thumbed the rubbery tip and grinned as she reached into the drawer of the nightstand to pull out a couple of extra large batteries. Unscrewing the end of her new ‘joy toy’, she dropped and twisted the bits into place, and before she could blink, a low hum broke the quiet tranquility.
Hmmm. Battery-operated pleasure sounded mighty attractive at the moment, but what she wouldn’t give to not be alone while climbing to the heights of ecstasy. Fact was, she was damn sick of every aspect of her ‘aloneness’. Aside from her gal pals, work, and her adoration of best friend, Sean O’Brien, she was pretty much on her own. The truth was undeniable. It just sucked to be her right now.
Damn it. She would have to think of him while clutching a handful of plastic pleasure. Instantly, his image formed in her mind. Tall, lean, and muscular in all the right places—her only male friend— was well over six feet of studly, yummy-goodness, and firmly off limits. Despite her bone-deep longing for him, they’d been solidly planted in the friend zone since their accidental meeting several years ago. Just like every other living, breathing woman, she’d been instantly attracted to his charm, his dark good looks, and the warm smile that drew others to him with an ease that was breathtaking. From their very first introduction she’d known there could only be friendship between them. She was a practical woman, after all. Hannah was the girl-next-door and fairly nauseating in her wholesomeness from all accounts. Not a damn thing exciting about her, she figured. In direct counterpoint, the women he normally dated were downright gorgeous, long-stemmed beauties who never seemed to have a hair out of place. They possessed a sophistication that she’d never have and would sure as hell know what to do with a big bag of sex toys.
Frustrated, she blew out a breath, hiccupped, and set the ‘purple pleasure’ vibrator on top of her bare belly as memories of past relationships rolled through her mind. A few had been serious until more sexually adventurous women had entered onto the scene. Hannah was a total cliché…lied to and cheated on. These days she had no illusions. Men wanted excitement and perfection, and it was time she faced the fact that she was pretty damn boring. Nearly every man she’d ever dated had left her feeling that way. Over the years her self-esteem had taken a beating, leaving her with an inability to trust either the men in her life or her own intuition.
The phone on her nightstand pinged out a little song, and squinting, she reached for it to gaze blearily at the name flashing across the screen.
Speak of the devil.
Flutters beat through her belly, zeroing down to her pussy, and her nipples tightened when air from the overhead ceiling fan brushed her skin. The image of Sean’s lips closing over that puckered flesh sent a shiver racing over her nearly naked body. Slamming her eyes shut, she tried to focus on the fact that Sean was a friend and that was all he ever would be.
Rolling to her side among the sheets, she settled the vibrator against her belly and cradled the phone to her ear as she answered.
“Hey gorgeous.” Sean’s voice rolled low and sexy into her ear. “How’d everything go with the Sassy Seven tonight?”
“It’s after three. Checking up on me?”
“Hell yeah. Someone has to do it. How much have you had to drink?”
“Ummm. Too much. That chocolate wine has a nice little kick to it.” She hiccupped again and buried the side of her face against the pillow. “Shoot. The room is spinning.”
Sean went quiet for a moment. When he finally spoke there was a slight edge to his voice. “You didn’t drive, did you? Why didn’t you call me?”
“Not a stupid bone in my body and you know it, buster. Took a cab and I’ve just poured my drunken ass into bed.”
“In bed, huh? You could have called me.”
“Silly man. You were working tonight. How was business at Crazy Charlie’s?” Sean owned a popular bar on San Antonio’s famous River Walk and worked amazingly long hours. He’d opened the place a few years ago and aptly named the hot spot in honor of his dad who’d passed on when Sean was still in college. It was his tribute to his father and only made her love him all the more.
Well, yeah. Love.
“You’re changing the subject, darlin’.”
Lordy! She loved when he called her darlin’ in that slow, Texas drawl. Pleasure whipped over her flesh. “Nah, not me.” She hiccupped again. Her face heated.
“You really did have a lot to drink. I swear those women are a bad influence on you.”
“That’s what I keep telling them. It was Petra’s birthday. We had to party. I was fine with the choco wine, but then I switched to chocolate vodka. Blame Gianna! She brought that shit. Mmm. Good stuff.”
Sean’s laughter rolled low into her ear. “Sounds like it. You’re gonna feel mighty bad come morning.”
Hannah groaned and closed her eyes as the beginnings of a headache thrummed through her brain. “Mmm. That’s what I figure. Gah, what a dumbass, but it was worth it.”
“Fun huh? Wish I could’ve been there.”
“Nope. This was girl stuff. Far, far removed from ‘man world’. We had a sex-toy party.”
Quiet fell and a small series of sounds told Hannah that Sean was, like herself, in bed. Oh the images that conjured.
He cleared his throat. “Say that again.”
Ooh. What was that new edge to his voice? Something raw. Something primal infused it and her lonely pussy responded, prompting her to press her thighs tightly together. “Sex toys. Hey, how’s your mom? Haven’t talked to her in ages.”
“Hannah. She’s fine and you’re changing the subject again.”
“Oh yeah. Sorry. Um, yes, we had a sex-toy party.”
“Did you buy something?”
“I can’t say.”
“Umm. Okay. Okay I did but I blame the liquor. I blame Alix who kept saying…ooh look at this. Ooh this looks like fun. Jeez. She was relentless. And then there was that cream stuff.”
Sean’s voice, if possible, dropped another octave. “Cream stuff?”
“Shit. I’m drunk. Seeeean, don’t make me.”
“Come on, sweetheart, tell me about the cream.”
Hannah slammed her eyes shut. Her pussy was feeling mighty creamy right now, come to think of it. “Umm. It’s this stuff.”
“Stuff? Come on now, don’t leave me hanging.”
“It’s…um…a clit stimulator.”
Sean groaned.
Uh oh.
“Did you try it?”
Hannah had never heard Sean’s voice achieve such a deep, heavy timber. She’d imagined it many times. Oh, yes she had, but heaven help her, the imaginings were nothing, nothing like the reality. A shiver swept her, and without thinking, she reached down for the vibrator and trailed her thumb over the big purple head. She and Sean had talked about a million different things over the years but never sex. Her pussy fairly quivered with the need to throw caution to the wind. She wanted to turn that damn vibrator on and slide it deep inside her vagina. What the hell was wrong with her?
“I shouldn’t be talking to you about this.”
“Yes, you should and if you don’t tell me now, I’m walking the two blocks to your house and knocking the door down.”
“Okay. Okay. Whew. Cool your jets.”
“Tell me, Hannah. About the cream. The clit stimulator.”
“I have to?”
“You know it.”
“Well, um, it’s this stuff you put on your, um…”
“Clit. Say it.”
“Clit.” Hannah wasn’t a woman who used sexual language freely unless she was with her girls. With Sean? Oh my. “Caitlyn, Sara, and Emily took turns trying the stuff out.”
“They had samples. Shit.”
Hannah rushed onward, hoping if she spit out the story quickly enough they could move on to safer topics. She rolled her eyes. Who was she kidding? She wanted Sean like her next breath. She’d dreamed of talking sex with her ultimate fantasy guy. Should she pinch herself? “Petra and Alix did it next, and then shoved the tube into my hand. I swear their eyes were bugging out so I just knew there had to be something to this stuff.”
“Details, darlin’. What did you do?”
Hannah paused. Truth to tell the little dab she’d applied to her clit earlier was still tingling over her flesh. She couldn’t tell him that. “We took turns going into the bathroom to try it.”
“That’s not what I want to know. How did it feel?”
“Can you still feel it?”
“God, Sean! I can’t talk to you about this.”
“Yes you can. Tell me.”
An edgy demand rang in his voice, and Hannah swore her clit throbbed in response. It was on the tip of her tongue to ask something trite like “what are you wearing?” But she stopped herself just in time. Damn if she didn’t know where this was heading.
Jumping onto the rollercoaster, Hannah gathered her courage, fought her misgivings, and mentally fastened her seatbelt.
“Yes,” she whispered.
“Yes what, honey?”
“I can feel it. Still.”
“Describe it to me. God woman, you’re killin’ me.”
Hannah knew they shouldn’t do this. They were friends but, oh boy, did she ever want to be more than casual with this sexy man. She could argue with herself until the end of time but facts were facts. She wanted him. Tonight she’d give in and take what little bit she could and tomorrow she would blame it on the alcohol. Jeez. Pathetic.
“What are you wearing?”